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Turn your single PC into 30 PCs!
(ideal for classrooms, libraries, offices, factories, warehouses, internet cafes)

Performs in your Environment

Whether playing DVD - quality full screen
video or connecting specialised USB 2.0 devices, the L300 has the power and flexibility to work in the environment you choose

 Fits your Budget, Today and Tomorrow

The L300 redefines performance and

value for thin-client or zero-client devices.
A complete virtual desktop solution can be
deployed for less than half the cost of PCs,
with ongoing management savings of 75%
and power savings of over 90%.
Easy to Deploy

Whether you need four workstations in a
remote branch office or four thousand in a
corporate office, the L300 can be deployed easily using vSpace management tools.

Easy to Manage

The L300 is a zero management client.

Once deployed, there are no applications,
software, or drivers to manage on the device. vSpace software centrally handles firmware changes without requiring user intervention.

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