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This page lists the product category that we offer.

Pricing and a brief description of the individual products are provided in subsequent pages.
As we are continually adding new products, please check this page regularly for updates,

Desktop & Mobile Computing

Whether you are desk bound or constantly on the move, we h
ave the right solution for you.

Desktops to suit every need - from the basic computing to the high powered graphics, business user. 

Mobile Computers - from netbooks to laptops, as well as the latest tablets/pads


Increase office productivity with a local area network.

Share resources and have a more secure, efficient environment and management, via a Server

Virtualisation anyone?

Printers & Scanners

InkJet and Laser Printers for crisp presentation, brochures, greeting cards, posters, photos, etc.


Webcams, External Drives, Hard Disk Drives, USB Drives, UPS, Speakers and more !!

Kingston_USBNetgear_router        Logitech_Speakers

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