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What is virtual desktop computing?

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In plain simplistic terms, this is like having a personal computer (PC), without a computer!

On average most people use less than 10% of the capability of their PCs.
The other 90% is wasted !!
NComputing taps into this and maximises the usage by allowing you and others
to simultaneously access the same PC and share its use,
at a fraction of the cost of purchasing a PC for every user.

Through NComputing's virtual computing software and hardware,
each user can experience desktop computing
just like using his or her own standalone PC!

Each person runs his/her own software applications
with their own user account, folders, files, settings and preferences....

- Without the bulk & clutter.
- Lower set up cost.
- Lesser energy comsumption.
- Lower Maintenance (only 1 PC to look after!)

How does it work?

Simply install the NComputing virtualisation software that comes with the device kit, into a standard PC*.

Next plug in the access device and connect this to your monitor, keyboard & mouse.

Then connect the device to the PC via an Ethernet or USB cable (depending on the NComputing model selected).

Finally, switch on the device and the operating system and applications* are instantly ready for the second user, as if it were his/her own PC!


For additional users, just add on more access devices plus additional monitors, keyboard & mouse (not included in kits).

The subsequent pages list the models available; there's one suit your particular needs, depending on your room size, number of users & intended use. 

Whichever model you decide, you ONLY need to maintain & back up ONE PC!

And the cost per user is a small fraction of what you would have to pay if everyone got their own PC!!

NComputing Video

To find out more and determine which device suits you best, take a look at the next few pages

Better still, contact us today and we'll package you the appropriate one!

*licensing terms, conditions & requirement applies.
Note * subject to minimum required specifications

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The NComputing Solution:

*  Cheaper to run
*  Saves Electricity
*  Eco-Friendly
*  Less hardware clutter
*  Lower Maintenance
*  Only 1 PC to Manage

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